Good Garage Scheme

Good Garage Scheme LogoAs a member of the Good Garage Scheme, Autologik is bound by it’s rules and must:


  •  Adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and pledge to have their customers’ best interests at heart
  • Must agree what work needs doing with their customers before it is carried out
  • Work to an industry-standard checklist
  • Must supply each customer with a feedback card allowing them to give their views on service directly to the Good Garage Scheme, which operates a stringent complaints procedure
  • Are subject to regular mystery shopper-style audits and face expulsion if they break the Code of Conduct


Failure to comply with the above would result in expulsion from the scheme .


Although we don’t do anything differently to how we would normally operate, the scheme is designed to give you proof that we are as good as we say we are and through that give you peace of mind. It also lets you see how other customers found us, we have over 175 feedback comments for you to read. You can find these and lots more information about the Good Garage Scheme on their website.

Click here to see us on the Good Garage Scheme website.

Code of Conduct


The Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct is set out below:


  1. To provide full business details to the Good Garage Scheme administrators including ownership, premises, staffing and trade activities.
  2. To demonstrate a commitment to deal with customers fairly, courteously and in keeping with good business practice.
  3. To notify customers before work is undertaken if the business does not accept particular forms of payment.
  4. To deal with complaints from customers within 2 weeks of receiving a complaint.
  5. To make parts replaced during service or repair available for inspection by the customer.
  6. To comply with the Industry Standard Service checklist on all services and include products that remove contamination.
  7. To provide a completed service checklist following the service.
  8. To offer the customer a feedback leaflet.
  9. To provide the customer with a Good Garage Scheme service record.
  10. To display in a prominent position the Good Garage Scheme Code of Conduct.


Industry Standard Checklist


For every service undertaken we complete the following checklist. You will be provided with a copy of this when you collect your vehicle so you can be sure we have done a proper job.