Covid-19 Measures

Your Safety Matters!

Due to the current ongoing pandemic we have had to adjust our way of working not only to bring us inline with the government guidelines but also to ensure the safety of all of our staff and customers. Please be assured that during throughout the pandemic your safety is paramount and we will go out of our way to adhere to the following measures put in place.

Our full list of measures in  place can be found listed below;

No paperwork will pass between staff and customers, instead you will receive a link via SMS requesting you to enter your details. This is to ensure we have the most update contact details for you on file in order to keep in contact and send over any documents you require via email. 

All vehicles are to be parked in our car park, keys to be dropped into a box on the reception counter. Please ensure you get our attention when you drop your vehicle.

Our reception area is restricted to one customer at a time and we are not currently able to offer a waiting area.

Keys and vehicles will be disinfected both prior to and after use.

Gloves will be changed between vehicles.

Invoices will be emailed, no paper copies will be provided. An SMS will be sent out the day before your booking requesting you enter your details for sending documents.

All customers vehicles will be treated with Forte Power Clean prior to us working on the vehicle. This treatment has been tested and proven to KILL COVID-19, enabling us to hop in your car with no risk to our staff or of contaminating other vehicles we subsequently work on. While we realise no customer would knowingly visit us with symptoms of the virus we must protect all customers and staff from any who may be asymptomatic.  There will be an additional charge of £20.00 added to your bill to cover the cost of this, no profit is made by us for this treatment, we simply need to cover costs involved

The workshop is closed to all persons other than our staff. Parts are to be delivered to the outside of reception, a box has been put in place for this. 

Payments can only be accepted by card or other electronic payment system. Strictly no cash.

We kindly ask that you keep 2m distance from all of our staff and wear a mask when visiting our premises.

Should you be in a higher risk category or you just prefer to take extra precautions please contact us to discuss this and we will try to accommodate your additional requirements.