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We use Forté products in all our services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. We believe their products are the very best in effective engine treatments and make a noticeable difference to a car's performance and ultimately your satisfaction. Forté have been developing their products for over 30 years.

Forte Motor FlushAdvanced Formula Motor Flush

Forté Advanced Formula Motor Flush will provide the following benefits:
• Clean engines internally and provide anti-wear protection
• Free sticking piston rings, hydraulic valve lifters and variable valve timing systems
• Remove lacquer, varnish and sludge deposits from the crankcase
• Neutralise crankcase acids, keeping new oil cleaner, for longer

Oil System ProtectorOil System Protector

Forté Oil System Protector will provide the following benefits:
• Optimise engine oil performance
• Maintain oil stability during extended service intervals
• Prevent oil burning
• Maintain cleanliness of valve train systems such as Variable Valve Timing and Hydraulic Valve Lifters to prevent sticking or noise

Oil FortifierOil Fortifier

When Forté Oil Fortifier is added to the engine oil, it will provide the following performance benefits:
• Reduce oil consumption in engines showing signs of wear
• Minimise exhaust smoking by providing better piston ring sealing
• Restore performance to tired engines
• Improve oil pressure to better protect moving parts

Petrol SaverPetrol Saver

Forté Petrol Saver will provide the following performance benefits to all petrol engines:
• Cleans the vehicle fuel system.
• Restores efficiency.
• Improves engine performance and response.
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Reduces unburned fuel from the exhaust (hydrocarbons).
• Decontaminates lambda sensor to improve air/fuel mixture.

Gas TreatmentAdvanced Formula Gas Treatment

Forté Advanced Formula Gas Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to all petrol engines.
• Free sticking valves and piston rings
• Reduce exhaust emissions
• Maintain oxygen sensor and EGR valve cleanliness
• Improve engine performance and driveability

Injector CleanerSpecialist Injector Cleaner

Forté Specialist Injector Cleaner will provide the following benefits to all petrol engines:
• Reduce exhaust emissions
• Remove injector pintle deposits to restore fuel flow
• Improve fuel economy and overall engine performance
• Neutralise acids and dissolve lacquers from the fuel system

Intake cleanerAir Intake Cleaner

Forté Air Intake Cleaner will provide the following performance benefits to air intake systems:
• Remove contaminants which cause sticking of air intake mechanisms
• Improve overall performance and idle speed quality
• Restore correct air flow to improve air/fuel mixture formation
• Contaminated EGR and idle speed control valves can be effectively cleaned to restore correct operation
• Will not remove protective coatings on internal throttle body surfaces

Diesel TreatmentAdvanced Formula Diesel Treatment

Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is a multi-functional diesel fuel treatment which will provide the following performance benefits to all diesel engines:
• Reduce black smoke emissions
• Restore injector spray patterns
• Improve engine performance and response
• Maintain EGR valve and variable vane turbo cleanliness
• Lubricate and extend the life of injectors and fuel pump

Diesel Particulate Filter CleanerDPF Cleaner and Regenerator

Forté Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator will provide the following benefits:
• Aids passive regeneration of Diesel Particulate Filter
• Actively reduces soot emissions
• Improves stability of Diesel Particulate Filter systems
• Compatible with all diesel engines
• For diesel and bio diesel up to B30

Variable Vane Turbo CleanerDiesel Turbo Cleaner

Forté Diesel Turbo Cleaner will provide the following benefits:
• Cleans sticking Variable Geometry Turbos without dismantling.
• Actively reduces soot emissions.
• Cleans EGR Valves.
• Compatible with all diesel engines.
• For diesel and bio diesel up to B30.

Bio DegreaserBio Degreaser

Forté Bio Degreaser will provide the following benefits:
• Remove emulsified oil from cooling systems following cylinder head gasket and oil cooler failure
• Remove blockages from radiator and heater matrix where oil has emulsified
• Remove residue left from combustion gases permeating through cylinder head
• Drastically cut component costs and reduce down-time
• Will not damage plastic water pump impellers

Colling System FlushCooling System Flush

Forté Cooling System Flush will provide the following performance benefits:
• Dissolve and loosen scale and rust build up from the internal surfaces of the radiator and water jacket of the engine
• Restore heater efficiency caused by poor circulation
• Restore cooling system efficiency to operate at designed temperature
• Remove the gel formed when Mono Ethylene Glycol-based antifreeze and OAT coolant is mixed

Cooling System ConditionerCooling System Conditioner

Forté Cooling System Conditioner will provide the following benefits:
• Prevent scale formation and corrosion on the heat transfer surfaces which will ensure efficient cooling system operation
• Eliminate oxygen from the cooling system. Oxygen is a major cause of corrosion
• Prevent electrolytic corrosion and cavitation erosion
• Provide water pump impeller shaft lubrication

Coolant leakRadiator Stop Leak

Forté Radiator Stop Leak will provide the following performance benefits:
• Effect emergency cooling system repairs to prevent loss of coolant
• Keep vehicles on the road until the replacement components become available
• Enable extended trips to be completed without costly repairs or wasted time in the event of a cooling system leak
• Allow commercial vehicles to complete round trips and get back to their base to carry out repairs in the event of cooling system leakage whilst on a trip

Oil LeakSeal Conditioner

Forté Seal Conditioner will provide the following benefits in automotive engines, manual gearboxes and final drive differentials, hydraulic and other industrial equipment where oil leaks have occured:
• Reduce oil burning and exhaust smoking in vehicles where oil is leaking past the valve stem seals
• Reduce unsightly leaks from camshaft and crankshaft oil seals
• Reduce oil leaking from seals in a wide variety of automotive equipment
• Ideal for used car preparation

Noisy power steering Power Steering Treatment

Forté Power Steering Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to power assisted steering fluids and systems:
• Eliminate power assisted steering stiffness, shudder and noise
• Provide smoother operation of power assisted steering
• Maintain optimum performance of power assisted steering pump and load bearing components
• Prevent and cure oil leaks
• Reduce power steering fluid foaming

Automatic Transmission TreatmentAutomatic Transmission Treatment

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment will provide the following performance benefits to automatic transmission fluids used in a variety of automotive and off-road equipment:
• Smoother operation and gear changing
• Reduce harsh take up and flaring
• Maintain fluid efficiency over a wide temperature range
• Prevent wear and extend the life of the transmission unit
• Prevent leaks by maintaining seal condition

Diff And Gear TreatmentDiff and Gear Treatment

Forté Diff and Gear Treatment provides the following performance benefits to automotive manual gearboxes, differentials and a variety of industrial and other gearboxes, including four-wheel drive transfer units:
• Quieten gearbox and differential noise and allow smoother gear changes
• Reduce gear friction and decrease operating temperatures
• Reduce gear tooth wear and extend the operating life of the gearbox, differential and transfer box
• Improve chemical and shear stability of the oil so that long term efficient functioning of the gearbox is ensured

Air ConAir Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser

Forté Air Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser will provide the following benefits to air conditioning systems:
• Destroy bacteria on the evaporator
• Eliminate unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems
• Deodorise the passenger cabin
• Provide a healthier environment for car occupants
• Simple safe application

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