Computer Diagnostic ToolWhen it comes to finding faults, Autologik is at the forefront of the field. Drawing on both our experience and  understanding combined with the latest equipment available we are able to isolate and identify where the problem lies. In addition to pinpointing faults the equipment can be used to reprogram modules, injectors, keys and much more.




Equipment held includes the following:

Using the latest in industry computerised technology it is now possible to read faults stored on your vehicle’s ECUs





Smoke Machine;
Another piece of diagnostic equipment which is designed to be safe for EVAP leak testing and other vehicle systems. The smoke machine will also find intake manifold leaks, exhaust leaks and under-dash vacuum system leaks. It can be used to diagnose many other low pressure closed systems where a leak may be suspected, as well as pinpointing wind and water leaks entering the vehicle’s passenger or boot compartment. If the leak is too small to be detected with smoke alone, the smoke solution also contains a UV dye. To locate a leak; simply look for the smoke or use a UV lamp to view the fluorescent deposit left behind, pinpointing the exact location.




“Where no computer fault is found we will use our expertise to identify your faults efficiently.”